Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

HPCC 2020 Virtual Conference

Webex, Saturday 10th October 2020, 15:00 BST (UTC+1)



HPCC held its 2020 Conference online due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you missed it, you can watch the whole conference on YouTube. Links to individual videos and slide packs from the conference can be found in the timetable below.

As well as HPCC members, we had attendees from HHC, the Allschwil conference and the Museum of HP Calculators forum.

The conference was streamed live on YouTube courtesy of Eric Rechlin at At its peak we had 60 attendees watching on Webex and 84 on YouTube, making this the most attended calculator conference in many years. Attendees spanned the globe from Hong Kong, through Europe, and coast to coast in the USA and Canada.

Post-conference feedback from attendees, suggests that we should run online events more regularly. Additionally, next time we run an online conference for 7 hours, we will allow an hour in the middle for everyone to grab something to eat!

If you would like to offer a talk at a future conference, please send your proposal to conference at hpcc dot org.


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Saturday 10th October 2020
Time BST (UTC+1)DurationSpeakerSubjectSlidesRecording
14:0001:00 Informal opening, people can chat
15:0000:15Włodek//Mark/BruceWelcome & organisational matters Download Watch all
15:1500:20Eric RechlinUSB drive update Download Watch
15:3500:20Jake SchwartzUpdates to the PPC archive Download Watch
15:5500:05Short Break
16:0000:50Bob ProsperiSwiss Micros DM41X - A little late; a lot better Download Watch
17:0000:30Eric HazenHP-25 re-implementation on Z80 with VFD display Download Watch
17:3000:30Michael ParkMP-29 - a tactile touchscreen calculator Download Watch
18:1500:15Bob ProsperiDM41X Questions and Answers
18:3000:30Mark PowerPrime G2 Download Watch
19:0000:50Sylvain CôtéClonix & NoV modules for the HP-41 Download Watch
20:0000:30Edward ShoreCAS and calculators Download Watch
20:3000:30Gene Wright and Włodek Mier-JędrzejowiczHP's worst calculators Download Watch
21:0000:30Godwin StewartPresentation on DMConnect Download Watch
21:3000:30Will MarchantDM16 in a satellite launch campaign Download Watch
22:0000:10Włodek/Mark/BruceOfficial end, thanks
22:1000:50 Informal ending, people can chat
23:00  Session ends

Registered Attendees

Those who registered to attend via Webex, we ask that you (1) allow us to hold your name and email address so that we can administer the conference and (2) optionally agree to have your name shown on the HPCC website below, so that other people know who is attending. Agreeing to (1) is necessary for us to send you the conference invitation. Email addresses will be deleted from our database 30 days after the conference, to allow us to send any post-conference material.

70 attendees registered to attend and are listed below, apart from those who have asked for their names not to be shown.

Andras Cser, Bob Penick, Bob Prosperi, Brian Walsh, Bruce Bergman, Bruce Horrocks, Chuck McCord, Clive Bennett, Craig Bladow, Cyrille de Brébisson, Dan Johnson, Dana Greathouse, Daniel McDonald, David Hayden, Dejan Ristanovic, Dennis Tuckerman, Edward Shore, Eric Hazen, Eric Rechlin, Eric Smith, Eric van der Wateren, Felix Gross, Frank Kingswood, Gene Wright, Geoff Quickfall, Godwin Stewart, Günther Schink, Henry Chan, Jackie Woldering, Jake Schwartz, Jan Terstegge, Jeremy Smith, Jim Donnelly, Jim Horn, Jim Wild, Joey Shepard, John Struthers, Johnny Bjørn Rasmussen, Jonathan Cameron, Manfred S. Carl, Marc Staps, Marcus Herold, Mark Hardman, Mark Huffstutter, Mark Power, Martin Macrae, Matthias Wehrli, Meindert Kuipers, Michael Park, Nicholas Sävenlid, Nigel Rumble, Olivier Arbey, Patrick Murphy, Patrik Werren, Philippe Lasnier, Ray Rischpater, Rick Furr, Roger Hill, Scottie Hall, Stefan Wolfrum, Steve Tucker, Sylvain Côté, Tammy Cravit, Thomas L. Mullikin, Tom Chrapkiewicz, Walter Bonin, Walter Martineau, Will Marchant, Włodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz

Chat Archive

During the conference, attendees on Webex and YouTube were able to chat to each other online. The, lightly edited, Webex chat is available here.

How to Join

A fixed number of registered attendees will be able to join via Webex. This will allow you to use the conference chat facility to chat to other attendees and to be able to ask question of the presenters and attendees. Although you can use Webex in a desktop web browser, the best experience is through the Webex app. The app is available on most major platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Linux users will have to use the browser version of Webex which has fewer facilities.

To ensure that your equipment is fully compatible with Webex try connecting to this Test call at any time before the conference.

Once we have allocated all of our Webex attendee slots, you will still be able to watch the conference live on YouTube.

Conference Etiquette

The Webex system works best with the Webex Meetings app, providing a full interactive experience.

The Webex app is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can also join just using a web browser, which is necessary if you are using Linux. Webex also allows people to dial in from their phones if their broadband is poor. Using a web browser or phone reduces the facilities available.

Webex allows us to switch between different presenters and potentially for many people to speak and appear on video at once. With this flexibility come some downsides, so we strongly urge everyone to adhere to the following:

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