HP48 Accessories

Mark Power

Whereas HP seem to be putting their high powered calculators on the back burner, third parties are as active as ever. Some of the latest offerings that Iíve noticed are described here.


Weinert-Daten Technik Memory Cards and Upgrades

This German company sells a variety of memory cards and memory upgrades for the 48 series. Cards range from 128K to 1M. The SX can only accept the 128K version, the GX can handle all sizes. Prices range from 55 DEM for the 128K card to 199 DEM for 1Mb.

I bought a 128K card in March and it has proved reliable despite it being uncased. HP memory cards certainly look robust in comparison, but if you leave your RAM cards in your calculator all of the time they are as protected as they need to be. Best prices for an HP 128K card are around £100 + VAT, the German card cost me around £35 including tax, P&P, insurance, surcharge for paying by cheque and charge by my bank for paying by Eurocheque (Weinert now accept credit card payment). Cards come well packed with a storage case and full instructions. Delivery from Germany was less than one week after posting the order.

Weinert also offer internal memory upgrades to the HP48G and in fact sell new HP48Gs with extra memory installed. HP48G (32K) + 128K installed are 255 DEM. With 1280K pre-installed, the price goes up to 405 DEM (by comparison the standard HP48GX is 380 DEM). I canít comment on the quality of these upgrades but if the plug in cards are anything to go by, then the workmanship should be good.

Full details of cards, upgrades, calculators, serial cables, books, CD-ROMs, prices, etc. are available via the WWW at: http://members.aol.com/weidatec/start.htm (or look in the Supplier section of the Links page at http://www.hpcc.org).

Email: weidatec@aol.com


Weinert Daten-Technik

Eichenweg 1

D-26160 Bad Zwischenahn


Phone: +49-4486-94049

Fax: +49-4486-94039


ISODAQ VF1 Data Logger

The Portable Lab Data Logger 100 (PLDL100) was described in Datafile V16 N1. The ISODAQ VF1 logger offers a similar capability but at a more Ďpremiumí price (£195 + VAT) which reflects its robustness - there is no cable to your HP - communication is via the infra red port. Features:

The 14 page ISODAQ brochure is very comprehensive and describes the full specification, sample applications, software, etc.


Isodaq Limited

Unit 115

Stirling Enterprise Park

Stirling FK7 7RP

Tel: 01786 449 577

Fax: 01786 449 588


HP48GX Sound Card

I know this sounds unreal, but the WWW has a page which describes how to build a sound card for your HP48GX. Full details are at: http://www.mygale.org/02/zdi/hpsc.shtml (also available from the Links page on the HPCC web site).

All you need to do is (1) build the card (2) plug it into port 2 (3) get the driver and one WAV sound and (4) play!

HP48 Sound Card features:

Future plans:

The web page describes how to build the card, the components needed and includes standard package PCB layouts.

Iíd love to try one of these, so if any volunteer would like to build me one Iíd be most grateful!


HP Memory Cards

Finally it is worth remembering that if you are after a genuine HP memory card you canít do much better than use the HPCC purchasing scheme through Research Micro Systems Ltd. Details are in the Datafile Memberpack. I bought a 1M card through this scheme last year and, although the price was high compared to those now offered by Weinert, you do get the genuine article.