Xircom Rex 6000 Update

Mark Power

In Datafile V20N2 I reviewed the Xircom 6000 Micro PDA. I subsequently learned that the Rex is an American derivative of the Citizen DataSlim2. Intel took over Xircom early in 2001 and in common with moves in the rest of the industry (e.g. HP ACO - V20N6P5) decided to discontinue production of the device and finish the REX.net web clipping service on 1st September 2001.

I think the move is regrettable as the device certainly filled a (very small!) hole in the market. But, all is not lost, if you find yourself in possession of one of these devices - take a look at http://www.rex6000.org. There you will find numerous add in tools for downloading including a Scientific Calculator, a Programmers Calculator (with +, -, /, *, AND, OR, XOR, >>, <<, hex, decimal and binary modes), games and various utilities.

The revelation that the device is Z80 based and the availability of a complete SDK means that many enthusiasts are now writing software. A particularly interesting development is the resurrection of the web clipping capability with various people developing tools to support this. One day soon there might even be the capability to look at the prices on the London Stock Exchange - something that was missing from the REX.net service. It's just a shame that the shares I'd be looking at have gone the same way as the Rex.

Page last modified : 23rd May 2002