The Online Archive Library

Jordi Hidalgo

This is a shameless plug for Warren Furlow's outstanding web-site, especially for his library at Warren likes to think of himself as a virtual collector of anything and everything that has to do with the HP-41 even in some vague way. You'll find an insane amount of scanned material: books on synthetic programming, service and owner's manuals, VASM listings, ... and the jewel of the crown: the entire contents of Jake Schwartz' PPC CD 1 and 2: Key Notes, PPC Journal, CHHU Chronicle, HPX Exchange, HP Journal articles, ... Each page has been converted to a graphics format and can be separately displayed and referred to on newsgroups and forums. Since the PDF files are not provided, Jake's CDs are still very convenient: downloading or printing large documents from the library is certainly very tedious. Warren has got permission to reproduce all this material and is always willing to expand the library; don't hesitate to contact him ( if you have anything suitable to be scanned.
Page last modified : 17th December 2003