• Interesting.... I am not sure that the 8008 is that closely related to the 8080 though...

    Trivia question.... What is the easiest-to-find computer containing an 8008? It's not an HP, btw.

  • if it can be terminal rather than a stand-alone computer, perhaps the Datapoint 2200? Btw, I am not sure how easy-to-find these are nowadays.

  • No, it is a computer. But note I did not say that the 8008 was the main processor in said computer :-)

    I've never seen a Datapoint 2200, and did it actually contain an 8008? The info I have on it is that it had a bit-serial processor bult from TTL. I do have a Beehive terminal with a Hebrew mode (odd character set and right-to-left cursor movement) which contains an 8008. Not that that is exactly easy to find.

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