Email Forwarding Depending on Sender

I would like to use an email service where my email gets sent to a server and from there is forwarded to one of two or more email addresses (on other service providers' servers) depending on who the sender is.

With my existing service, I can easily forward my email, and I can also set up different email addresses and forward them to different accounts. But this is not what I want to do. I want correspondents to see one email address and for the server to decide where that email is forwarded depending on the sender. Also, I do not want to receive the email onto a local PCs and forward it from there - I'd like it to be a third-party, remote service. I'd settle for it to be a choice between just two forwarding addresses - effectively a white list/black list sort of thing.

Can anyone think of a way/service provider that could allow me to do this?


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