Magnetic Scrolls Remastered

Hello everyone.

I'm working on a new project:

Magnetic Scrolls Remastered

The aim is to "remaster" the 1980's adventure games by Magnetic Scrolls for mobiles and desktop, making them friendlier to play and adding a modern, touch based UI and possibly to add extra content.

They are going to be released on App Stores for people to enjoy, either as free games or, possibly, charged at a small fee/lowest tier to cover inevitable direct costs (eg website hosting and Apple developer fees), with permission from copyright holders.

Supported Platforms: Windows/Linux/OSX, Android & iOS.

How it works:

Built by combining the Brahman front-end GUI with a plugin back-end IF "engine". The back-end plugin is an adaptor onto the Karlsson/Kinder/Meier/Doherty magnetic emulator.

The project will be open source so anyone can tinker with the code and features for themselves afterwards.

Here's a picture of work in progress. The Brahman "text touch" interface, illustrates one way how these games could be made much more playable on mobile with only the bare minimum of typing required. There's also a Map Page and an Inventory Roster with drag-and-drop.

Android Alpha/Beta programme:

The first game is, The Pawn by Magnetic Scrolls

I'm going to start, initially, an Alpha programme and a Beta later, once all features are in. Anybody interested in participating with either Alpha or Beta, let me know.

Alpha is by invite only and you'll need an Android device (v4.1+) and a gmail address (unfortunately).

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