Cheap HP-42S Calculator?

In my collection I've not been able to afford an HP-42S as people ask ridiculous money (£200+) for it. However I picked up a Dell Axim X51 Pocket PC/PDA (colour) with all the accessories for just £10. I then found Free42 binary for this Dell PDA and now have a dedicated (colour) HP-42S!


  • Nice one! Hey, i have an Axim 50v somewhere. If you want it as a spare you can have it for free. I might have lost the charger, so i can't test it. But it used to work.

  • Yes please as the 51v has built in wireless and the wireless CF card I've tried in mine doesn't want to work. Can I PM you my address in Sheffield or do you have it in my membership details?

  • Hi,

    The CF card slot in mine used to work. I was quite useful. PM me your address and i'll pop it in the post. You're welcome to it.

  • Posted.

  • Thanks - I'm slowly going back in time to my beginnings in 1979 on the HP-97 (if you don't count my work on a Sperry/Univac mainframe and using Pascal on Wolverhamton's University mainframe which had a keyboard which was a forest of wires with very small jack plugs which you fitted into various holes on the keyboard - it's a long time ago but I'm sure they said it was a secondhand Leo bought from the Post Office. I also have an ancient laptop which is partitioned with a Dos 3.1 environment and dBase II. Just need to find a copy of either C/PM 80 or 86 - I was in right at the beginning of the birth of PCs. There used to be a rumour back then that Bill Gates had bought (or paid someone to write it) DOS for $79,000 - just the sort of money. 19 year old student has lying around!

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    Turns out i happen to have an old PC set up here with a 5.25" floppy disk drive, if you want to me write any images to it.

    I had to get it out of the shed, as part of some old data recovery i'm doing.


  • Axim arrived safely and being put to good use - thanks very much Hugh

  • You're welcome. There might be a copy of my calculator on it, i wrote.

  • Not "cheap" but a bit better than $200... IMG_0426

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