Torsten's Fantastic HP-15C Simulator - Updated

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Hi Everyone,

Torsten has announced an update to his fantastic (and free) HP-15C Simulator. It's great!

Here are his release notes,

The final beta version of the next major HP-15C Simulator release is available. This version brings the (long awaited) Matrix functions.

The matrix functions, along with the functions for complex numbers, are those that have the greatest impact on the handling of the HP-15C. Matrix functions affect the memory, use key sequences in which the "g" key precedes a gold letter function, make use of the USER mode when entering the data of a matrix and in PRGM mode store the USER status that was active during the programming. I therefore strongly recommend to read the "HP-15C Owner's Handbook" for a complete list of all matrix functions.

You can download versions for Windows (32/64), Mac OS X (x86/PPC) and Linux (32/64bit); the source code and the translation version. All files are in this Google Drive folder;

I plan to have a beta phase of appx. 4 weeks, depending on the overall feedback and the number of bug reports. I am looking forward to receiving your test results and comments! Regards,


Release Notes:


  • NEW: Matrix functions added. This includes: Matrix entries in the stack pop-up menu; optionally with a sub-menu showing the values of the matrix. A right click on A…E brings up a pop-up menu with the values of a matrix. A right click on MATRIX brings up a pop-up menu with matrix functions. When exchanging data with the DM15, matrices can be selected separately. When the X register contains a matrix descriptor, Ctrl–C and Ctrl–Shift–C copy the whole matrix to the clipboard.

  • NEW (Windows):When the HP-15C Simulator Font is not installed, a graphical display is used. Under Windows you may need administrator privileges to install a font but don't have them; e.g. on company computers. With this option allows to used the Simulator even in this case. The HP-15C Simulator Font was updated. If you do not install the new version, the logo will be corrupted. Mac OS X: Native pop-up menus are used where possible. See the "Menus" section in the documentation for details. Windows: The memory file is now in a subdirectory "HP-15C" in "%APPDATA%". The memory file extension was changed to ".mme" (Matrix MEmory) to avoid conflicts with older Simulator versions without matrix support. The file is now encoded in Unicode. At the first start, an existing ".mem" file is automatically copied to a new version with extension ".mme". Thus all settings are preserved and old and new Simulator versions can coexist on the same computer. In Complex mode Ctrl–C and Ctrl–Shift–C now copy the whole number to the clipboard and not only the real part. The format is "a+bi". Enhancements to the "Usage" field of a program description: Toolbar for HTML tags. Preview mode for HTML tags. Stored as multiple lines in a ".15c"" files. This makes it easier to edit program files in an external editor. Existing programs are automatically converted in the new format when they are saved.

  • New keyboard mapping: Z : CHS.

    "Extended Unicode chars for key faces" is now activated by default. Existing settings are not overwritten. Executables are now packed using tclkit 8.6.6 (was: 8.6.4). The oldest supported Tcl version is 8.5.12 (was: 8.5.9), but version 8.6.0 or higher is recommended.

  • Bug fixes

    Linux & Mac OS X: UTF-16 encoded programs were corrupted. FRAC and INT did not work for numbers larger then 2^32 . Some commands could not be used in a program, when USER mode was on.

  • Known issues

    Mac OS X: The initial file name in the save file dialogue is always "Untitled" and there is no selection box for the file type. These are known bugs in Tcl/Tk 8.6.6. If you had installed an earlier beta version, you may get a large error message during the first start. In this case the old ".mme" memory will be lost. There is no workaround. Some menu texts are only available in German and English. This will change with the major release.

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