Card readers TI-59

Just joined TI User Forum and have also been a member of the HPCC for a few years. I have 2 TI-59s (one is locked on the P100-A printer) - both card readers won't read or write to mag tape cards However both card readers do a lot of whirring but don't get pulled through. The other 59 locked to the printer (lost key) - 2 different locksmiths have tried to open it but failed (I can hear a number of modules when you shake it).

Is there anyone in the club that could repair the readers please and/or unlock the PC-100A (I'm in Sheffield UK)? Also the other 59'has a missing battery cover lost and both steel battery prongs have been broken right down to the mother. Both 59s will run on external power. The reason I can no longer do fiddly jobs is because of Rheumatoid Arthritis) Thanks Dennis Tuckerman


  • Does the 59 need both internal + external power to read/write mag cards. or is that the HP65.

  • The TI59 needs a battery pack in place if you connect the charger to it (whether for magnetic card operations or just calculations. The HP65 and HP67 can run the logic off the mains adapter BUT the card reader sense amplifier IC gets over-voltaged if there is no battery in place. This can damage the original type used in the HP65. The HP67 has a re-designed IC which is said to be abble to stand this, but I don't risk it.

    Getting back to the TI59, the printer cradle connects in place of the battery. You unclip the battery (you can put it in a slot in the cradle to charge it) and put the calculator onto the contact block. This connects to some logic signals on the PCB and also to the battery contacts AFAIK you can power the calculator that way for all operations (including card reader).

    My guess is that the card reader has suffered roller decay as HP ones do. TIs don't normally suffer from this but of course they can do, and it will get worse as they age.

    Now I only have PC100-C cradles, but having looked at one, the lock is a simple wafer tumbler cylinder lock. A locksmith who can't pick that is in the wrong job, quite honestly.

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