HP-35 Service Manual

I have a friend with a very early HP-35. He has asked me if I have a link to the HP-35 Service Manual. Does anyone know if such a thing was ever done by HP as I know it came with just a small owner's manual? If so does anyone have a PDF or a decent scan,I've looked through all my HP Museum 16gb documents and there isn't anything there.


  • As far as I know, almost all HP calculator service manuals (and they did exist) were only available to HP service centres, not the general public. The HP97 manual 'got out' as did the HP41 one, and I think the HP71 and HP75 manuals were officially available.

    I have never seen the HP35 service manual.

    There is a reverse-engineered circuit diagram available on the HPCC download set, though, if that's any use.

  • Yes, i recommend Tony's circuit diagrams from the download

  • I have the 4 CDs on iCloud - what am I trying to find?

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    In schematics5 under handhelds/classic there's hp35.pdf. This isn't a service manual, it's the circuit diagrams. Knowing this, some testing and diagnosis could be done.

    AFAIK, there aren't other detailed documents of the HP35 internals.

  • I get 403 Forbidden trying to open the zip file?

  • should be fixed.

  • Now it just turns pink when you click on the link?

  • do you mean the download link, or the zip once downloaded?

  • When clicking on Schematics.zip on the HPCC website under Files

  • Try right-click on schematics.zip, then "save as". it might take a few minutes to download.

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