ROBIN OM 2000 Oscilloscope

I've been given the above Oscilloscope which appears to be in working order (my electronics education is improving day by day). I can find very little information on it - anyone know what sort of age it might be where to get the manual or a similar generic manual please? Anyone know anything about ROBIN?


  • Tony is the expert on these things. Hopefully, he might have an insight.

  • I associate the company 'ROBIN' with electrical test instruments - insulation testers, PAT testers, etc rather than 'scopes.

    Any chance of a photo of it. It might be a badge-engineered version of something better known.

  • Tony - just sent you a picture via email

  • I have not received anything (and I have (a) looked in my spam folder and (b) checked the e-mail address in my profile on this site is correct).

  • you could postthe picture here. just click on the picture icon to upload, but be sure the image file isn't too large otherwise it will be rejected.

  • Tony I sent it to

  • I have a much better picture but I don't think I've got the correct email for Tony. Don't understand where Hugh wants me to click ?

  • I think it's the little picture icon above and to the left of the box you type into.

  • Ive tried that if it's the little blue and white square just to the right of my picture

  • No, that's my old e-mail address. My current one is

  • Just emailed you a picture

  • posting a picture here only works if the picture is less than (i think) 1MB or so. Most pictures right out of a digial camera are too large, and need to be resized beforehand.

  • 'Photo Resizer HD' is the app I use.

  • that's the one i use too. it just works without adds or watermarking.

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