Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the conference at the weekend. An interesting series of talks from Wlodek and Tony and Michael from Swiss Micros came over again and told us about his new 42 product - a very nicely made piece of hardware. Quite a good attendance too (although sorry Dave wasn't able to make it) with a former member (Colin) dropping in on Saturday to say hello. I didn't take many pictures - perhaps others have some to share?


  • As you only came on Saturday, you missed what was, for me, the highlight of the conference, namely Eric's fascinating talk.

    I also really enjoyed the conference. I think the more informal approach that we've had for the last 3 2-day conferences works well for the number of active members and their interests.

  • i would have attended except i am in Berlin.

  • I was there both days but many apologies to Eric for missing his name in my note above. His was indeed an excellent talk and one which showed such endurance, working with such patience to diagnose and repair a machine which appeared to have been used as a parts donor! Fantastic effort.

  • Thank you... and of course my huge appreciation goes to Tony who encouraged and supported me all the way during this process. His patience over many remote sessions has kept me going and gave me the necessary confidence to even start on this journey.

    The two day conference was again extremely interesting, and I dare to say that the off-topic items represent a growing share of the program! I loved the diversity in the talks during both days.

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