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Wlodek has asked me if I can use our fancy new label printer to reproduce this 'PROPERTY OF" label so that members who have tatty ones as in the picture can replace them with a nice new (albeit reproduction) ones. However, I can't identify the font. Can anyone tell me if they know of an available TrueType/TTF-formatted font that might fit the bill? Its aspect ratio is rather 'low' compared to most unserifed fonts and I can't find a suitable one. Any suggestions most welcome.


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    That's not quite it. Look at the F in the label font: the top bar has a rounded end, while the middle bar has a squared-off end. Lunar Orbiter has squared-off ends for both.

  • Lunar Orbiter

    Thanks Editor (example of Lunar Orbiter shown above). Perhaps the original is slightly less 'bold'? But the difference is so small I'm not sure anyone would notice the difference. I'll give it a go and see what it looks like.

  • (Apologies hugh, I should have thanked you as well!)

  • I think those "rounded ends" are print bleed. The stems of various letters are somewhat distorted at the bottom and the initial P appears to have a slight riser that is not really there. also the two lines either side of the words have distorted ends in keeping with bleed.

  • Well in the creation of the WMF file, which is the only file format the label printer can use, all was going well with the drawing of the label (which I drew in CorelDRAW as recommended) until I actually attempted to import the graphic whereupon the corners, which are 90 degree arcs, had the chord line added for no apparent reason :-( I guess I will have to use a proper graphics package, namely Adobe Illustrator.

  • Property Of 1st Attempt Well, here it is - attempt No 1. It seems roughly ok but it can all be tweaked if necessary. Although the labels are shinier than they appear in the photograph nevertheless they are not super-shiny like the original. Unless I can get special rolls for the label printer we may be stuck with this. In case Wlodek is looking, the choice we have is here:

  • Pretty good. after this we can start on the new ten pound note.

  • Met the printer manufacturers yesterday at the TCT show at the NEC and they say that they have some material that might fit the bill. Samples have been promised...

  • Looks very much like the original from my view...

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    The manufacturers have been as good as their word and sent through the material samples. It's now up to our esteemed chairman to decide whether he wants to invest in a roll of the label material, and which one looks best! (I think I'd go for 'Brushed Silver' myself.

  • Yes, brushed silver looks good. By the way... which machine are we talking about? (One that I don't own, obviously.)

  • I think it's called a CPM100HG3. The fact that it can cut labels to any shape is really useful. Trying to keep a stock of different label materials could get expensive though.

  • I meant which calculator :-)

  • Thanks Nigel, the sample was great, and if you say brushed silver is best, I'm happy to go with it. How much is the roll? Cheers, Wlodek

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