Convert AC clock to DC

For a long time I've had a 1970s flip clock movement which runs smoothly using UK mains supply of 240v AC. I've seen on the Web that someone has the same movement deliberately running exposed without a case. Is there a way to conver the moment from AC to DC and how do you know what DC voltage it will require? I can't leave it out running exposed on AC as I have 3 small grandchildren. Anyone know if this AC-->DC conversion can be done and how please? Another alternative would be to leave it as AC and find an empty case. All suggestions very welcome


  • The motor in that clock is almost certainly an AC synchronous one, most likely wound for 240V (although I have seen lower voltage motors in clocks used with a series resistor).

    The speed of that motor is determined by the frequency of the AC mains. As this is tighly controlled, these clocks are pretty good timekeepers.

    But it would be almost impossible to convert the clock to DC. You'd need a new motor and some way to control and regulate the speed. The alternative (which is done) is to convert the DC to AC at 50Hz, step up the voltage and run the original motor. There is a device available to do this, to run 50Hz or 60Hz (American) clock motors off a DC supply. But of course that doesn't avoid having 240V AC on tbe motor.

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