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  • I've been trying to think of something interesting to do with one. But it's only got 16K ?? There's a chess program i wrote that would fit in that. Maybe display a move on the LCDs. Otherwise not many ideas. How much power does it drain on batteri…
    in Micro:bit Comment by hugh June 21
  • It's quite dated now and, i think, out of print. There's a few interesting ideas but a lot of the book is concerned with short key sequences for stack manipulation; which today is a bit pointless.
  • a bit pricey
    in New Phone and OS Comment by hugh June 1
  • new cassettes I've seen are always cheap and low quality. They look cheap in this vid too. its because there's no market for higher-end cassettes. Nevertheless, many people seem oblivious to audio quality. an mp3 at 128kb is much worse than an audi…
  • Does the 59 need both internal + external power to read/write mag cards. or is that the HP65.
  • dont know; but how about "algorithms for rpn calculators john ball"
  • how about all this some roms, from the same place.
    in Rom Images Comment by hugh May 24
  • You're welcome. There might be a copy of my calculator on it, i wrote.
  • Hi. Turns out i happen to have an old PC set up here with a 5.25" floppy disk drive, if you want to me write any images to it. I had to get it out of the shed, as part of some old data recovery i'm doing. :-)
  • Posted.
  • Hi, The CF card slot in mine used to work. I was quite useful. PM me your address and i'll pop it in the post. You're welcome to it.
  • Nice one! Hey, i have an Axim 50v somewhere. If you want it as a spare you can have it for free. I might have lost the charger, so i can't test it. But it used to work.
  • Thanks for posting. this is really quite cool.
  • They let their beards grow whilst building the machine. Uh-oh! real programmers don't work 9 to 5, except possibly the ones at night. real programmers programs don't work first time, but they can usually be patched up in, only a few, 30 hour debug…
  • i want one!
  • a bit expensive
  • Tindie Interesting site. thanks. I wondered if they have a calculator keyboard; something like a 4 banger layout with a few extra blank keys for the arduino or rPI. Would make an interesting calculator project. Enigma I'm not particularly impress…
    in Tindie Comment by hugh February 8
  • yes, there's also. and
    in The Weather Comment by hugh February 7
  • Here we go again...
  • agreed. but if they're dropped simultaneously?