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  • Thanks for posting. this is really quite cool.
  • They let their beards grow whilst building the machine. Uh-oh! real programmers don't work 9 to 5, except possibly the ones at night. real programmers programs don't work first time, but they can usually be patched up in, only a few, 30 hour debug…
  • i want one!
  • a bit expensive
  • Tindie Interesting site. thanks. I wondered if they have a calculator keyboard; something like a 4 banger layout with a few extra blank keys for the arduino or rPI. Would make an interesting calculator project. Enigma I'm not particularly impress…
    in Tindie Comment by hugh February 8
  • yes, there's also. and
    in The Weather Comment by hugh February 7
  • Here we go again...
  • agreed. but if they're dropped simultaneously?
  • I'd be interested to know the result if anyone does find a confirmed answer.
  • It's because the education system is designed to teach peasants how to be employees and to be followers rather than leaders. If you're born into the elite, you don't go to those schools.
  • The force-mass ratio should be the same, indicating the same acceleration. There might be some weird lateral motions affecting the trajectories, but in terms of downward accelerations they should be equal.
  • there's a practical issue with this experiment; presumably you mean dropped from the same height. but what does that mean? If the centres of gravity are equal height above the moon and the feather is flat, the size of the bowling ball will mean it…
  • The prime is an expensive calculator, yet many details are at the same quality level as cheap calculators; ie the production values are the same as those selling at a fraction of the price. Many people report inconsistencies, bugs and problems with…
    in Prime Comment by hugh December 2016
  • made a fix. try now.
  • No. I've not seen the problem on my devices
  • Yes, i do not buy those from the well known company anymore either. Some reviews I've seen showed them to be the worst of all, including the cheap, pound shop ones. You'll notice that batteries have a sell-by date, which is not that far into the fu…
    in Prime Comment by hugh December 2016
  • odd indeed. I could move these scripts locally, which would fix this.
  • can the battery be swapped with another. if not this is really bad design. On batteries; has anyone else noticed that non-rechargeable batteries also discharge at an alarming rate?
    in Prime Comment by hugh December 2016