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  • I'm not too sure about the Nintendo 64, but you can deifniitely get Linux running on the Game Cube: I could see that being used as a nifty X-terminal if you were that way inclined. I'm sure you could even ru…
  • @ard, You are correct. A brilliant read includes this brilliant little sequence: 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, ...
  • Doesn't seem to want to let me upload anything. Clicking the picture opens the file browser, but after I click "OK"...the window closes and nothing happens :-(
  • This just arrived today. I'm looking forward to exploring it. I suppose it will need an RPN calculator too ;-) EDIT: There was meant to be a photo, but it looks like that doesn't work.
  • You can also access it from Google Groups, by removing the "news:" prefix and searching for the group at Or, you could use this URL I prepared earlier ;-)!forum/comp.sys.hp48
  • I have ordered one of these myself. There is also a backer option for a smart strap module that connects to the Pebble.